Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Little One!

Today is my son's 29th birthday. How is that possible? He was just a baby!!! Oh the trials we have been through, you and me, my son... Me, a woman, raising a boy all on my own, not knowing how to handle the "man" things but trying with all my might to learn how to pitch a baseball so you could practice. I desperately wanted to teach you how to fish, but resources were so very limited, there was never any money for ANYTHING except the needs we had, and sometimes not even for that.

But...time passed and you have grown from an 8 lb, 8 oz, 22" long baby into a 6'6" 250 hunk! You are a loving, respectful, and very much respected, young man. Soon (in June, God Willing), you too, will have your own son. I can't wait to hold baby Adrian in my arms, but I most definitely can hardly wait to see YOU holding your own son.

This was Sunday at my daughter in law's baby shower. This is my son Gilbert, Letty, my mom and me...almost 4 generations.

I'm on Spring Break this week, doing NOTHING!
I've just been taking care of errands that I can't do while working and that means SPENDING MONEY!! Yesterday $105. for car registration/title transfer, tomorrow it will be $125. to get my car window motor repaired and $60. to apply for a, a US citizen, will need a passport because I LOOOOOVE to go into Mexico for a few hours and drink 'em up those Margaritas!!

Catch you 'all in a bit...that's what I get for not posting in a month!!

Please pray...

Please pray for the victims of the tour bus crash in Mexico. Several of those killed were from my area (the Rio Grande Valley of Texas). Several were school teachers on Spring Break. I work with my local school district so I was in shock and in tears all day yesterday, just imagining what those poor victims went through and what their families will go through.

If anyone is interested, our local newspaper is carrying updated information on the accident on their site Our lives are in God's hands, we just never know...