Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Vacation and Refreshed

I finally finished my contract for the school year on June 25th. Have been doing nothing and enjoying it! Met up with my boyfriend in Rockport, TX for our annual week long vacation. We stay in some cottages along the waterfront and just lounge around, drink beer, talk, eat and sleep. No touristy thing for us, no visits to unknown places, just sit and do nothing!

Picture 1: View of the bay from our cottage.
Picture 2: View of our cottage from the private pier. The little cottage shown here used to be a bait stand. Our cottage is across the street from the pier.
Picture 3: Sitting on the pier at sundown. Aaaahhh, so relaxing.

The other couple that we went with would go out to eat every day. She said she was on vacation and was NOT cooking. I told them that this is the only time I get to cook for my boyfriend so I would get up every morning and make us a delicious Mexican-style breakfast. He barbecued pork butt and fried some shrimp for me.

I met him in 2003, so this is our 7th annual vacation we take together. Even though I love him, and I love being with him, it's always good to come back home. Could it be that we both have spent so much time alone, that we are used to being on our own? We sometimes talk about "someday when we're old and retired", about getting married, but is it wrong NOT to want to get married now, after all these years together?

Friends have said we don't love each other enough to get married. But I think it's BECAUSE we love each other so much that we are so happy with our arrangement. I just look at it as if we are married but our jobs keep us living in separate places.

Don't even want to weigh myself, thinking at least 5 lbs up during vacation. But daughter and I are helping each other out with good eating habits and I'm hoping that will finally get me moving in the right direction.

My grandson who lives with me is starting school in a few weeks. WOW, seems like just yesterday my daughter shocked me with, "I'm pregnant." We promised to love and support each other and we have. She and Ryan live with me, she works at the school I work at and I take care of him while she attends the university at night. She's half-way done so we're looking forward to the day she has her degree. Something she should have done when she didn't have a child to look after, but better now while she is unmarried and has no other commitments and still lives with me.

My new grandson turned 1 month 2 days ago! Can you believe it?? WOW, time is going to fly! I haven't gone to see him since I returned on Friday, but will spend the day with them tomorrow.

I've got another post in my mind, but it's related to my job.

I'll be back later tonight to put that up.


  1. My favorite time of year, Vegecation. We leave on ours on Friday, and will drink even more beer than normal, and have a great time in Florida.

    Glad you had a great time, and as long as you both are happy with the arrangement, I say, go with what your heart/brain tell you :o)

  2. Hi Estela, I'm not one to provide advice on others relationships, lol. You already know the answer and don't need anyone's help with it! I'm glad you had a relaxing vacation, well deserved!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your vacation, it looks like a nice relaxing place!! I think that you should do whatever really makes you happy!! If you are fine with the way things are, don't let anyone try to change that for you. It doesn't have anything to do with how much you love him, it has everything to do with what makes you each happy!!

  4. Aww Rockport. I lived there for eight years but where is that cottage & how much does it cost? Does your bf have a friend? LOL...