Friday, July 17, 2009

Work Situation

I have been an elementary school secretary since 1989. I have been through 2 principals. The first was 1989-1996, the second from 96-now. When this principal started, she was 51 and a breath of fresh air, compared to my former principal. Well, time took it's toll, she is now 64 and retired, not because she wanted to, but because she was "asked to" by our administration.

Our school has declined - the morale is low, our texas tests are low, everyone does what they please - their attitude was if the principal doesn't care, why should we? There was no discipline at our school - either for kids OR staff.

All this time, we were so sure our assistant principal, who has been there 11 years, would move up. Well, the school board branded her "Guilty by association" and didn't promote her. I guess they figured that she would carry on the same type of administration, but they were oh so wrong! This young lady, all of 43 years old, is a genius! She has it all, knowledge, wonderful rapport with staff and parents, great discipline (when the principal would allow her to follow through), great with budgets, timelines, etc, etc.

She resigned on July 9th :-( She called me, said she had to personally call me to let me know before I heard it from someone else. We got along GREAT and we had already talked about the changes that needed to be made. She has applied at surrounding school districts, has her masters in counseling so says she would like to try that for a couple of yrs and then put in for administrative work. I am sure going to miss her.

I met our new principal briefly. I have heard from like 10 people and they have all raved about her - that she is EXCELLENT in all she does. Maybe the top administration sent her over to "fix" our school. We seem to have developed a good beginning. I mean, what can I do?...I have to work with her. I consider myself a "people person". I get along with everyone I meet. I like to please - is that the "fat girl wanting acceptance" in me? Maybe not, I've known some mean fat people in my life!! LOL!

Anyway, I am meeting with my new principal tomorrow for a small pow-wow, I already have my list of "suggestions" for her. She commented to me that she was going to rely on my word because she knows that school secretaries are the "heart" of the school. We'll see how tomorrow goes.


  1. I sometimes found it difficult working for another woman, lol. I hope your new boss works out well for you. God bless.

  2. Oh, girl, I can so relate. Our instructional coach (like an asst. principal) just got promoted to principal at another school. I was so disappointed and happy for her all at the same time. She and I have a WONDERFUL relationship, so when she found out the principal that was leaving her school was taking his secretary with him, she called and wanted me. I was flattered and thrilled. Well, I put in for the transfer and my current boss, basically put a stop to it. She does have breast cancer, and I do feel for her, but this was an opening that doesn't come around often. Anyway, she used the guilt trip on people at central office and they wouldnt let me go. Frustrating!!

    I understand, somewhat, what you are going through. This current boss is hopefully retiring soon and then I will be in the "OMG what are we going to get now" situation like you were just in.

    Just wanted you to know I feel your pain girl! But, sounds like it won't be too painful after all. I hope you have a great working relationship with this new principal! It sure makes your job a whole lot easier! Thanks for commenting on my blog!