Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time Flies...

I've been suffering from anxiety every single day as I take off for work.  I take deep breaths, I talk to myself, but it doesn't help.  There are times when I have to take some xanax just to be able to make the 8 minute drive to work.  Once at work I'm okay. 

So this morning I went to the dr's for a refill of my RX.  Got there at 8:15 before they even opened the office, I was the 4th one to sign in.  Several patients were called in before me and I understand some of them were there for labs only.  At 10 I finally got up and asked the nurse and the receptionist what was going on...why was I skipped...look around, I told them, the office is almost empty!  They were apologetic and said they'd look into it.  By the time they called me in 5 mins later I was furious!  Now I'm normally a very patient person, so my feelings this morning took my by surprise.  In fact, I had taken half a xanax before they called me in because I was starting to breathe heavy!  I was SO upset!  When they took my vitals I told the lvn, "don't EVEN take my blood pressure, I'm sure it's high!"  Anyway, I finally saw the PA (doctor was out), got my refill, and made sure to tell her to take notes that my anxiety has gotten very bad since my car accident. 

My attorney sent me the offer from the other insurance...they are offering $1,039 for my totalled Chevy Metro.  I sent him the criteria for my car being in good to fair condition and the value is much higher than that.  The trade in value would be 990 and the private party resale would be $2,150.  It told him to ask for at least $1,300.  I can only imagine what hassle we will have trying to collect on my bodily injury.  My physical pain may be over, but it's a nightmare for me to drive anywhere...I imagine every car is going to rear end me at any minute!  It's horrible feeling like that, but I can't help it.

My weight is at an all time high, 228 this morning.  Not even sure what to do anymore.I have an appt on the 29th with my doc to see about having an endoscopy to make sure everything is still in working order (from my gastric bypass).  Maybe I'll get an answer to the weight regain.

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