Saturday, October 25, 2008

To share

I absolutely LOVE to see other people's photos, so here's a few of mine. Sorry they're so big, I'm just learning my way around this site.

This is me a couple of months ago with roses from my children and my boyfriend for my 53rd birthday.

This is Milo, my 8 month old schnauzer. I had a loyal mutt for 8 yrs, lost him 2 yrs ago, and just this year I felt that I was "ready" for another pet, so my son gifted me with Milo. This was his first grooming session. Notice the look in his eye...Mom!! what did you do to me???!!!

This is my almost 4 y.o. grandson, touching a fish for the first time in his life. Standing with him is his "honorary grandpa", my boyfriend of almost 6 yrs.

This is what I love to do during the summer, spend as much time on the Gulf coast of South TX. This is my relaxation!!

Ryan, still afraid to touch the fish his grandpa caught.

Me and the light of my life, my grandson Ryan, relaxing at Taco CabaƱa.

My daughter with Ryan (her son)


  1. Estella, Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pics with us!! You look beautiful, and a belated Happy Birthday (very belated, I know... sorry). Ryan's a cutie!!


  2. Glad you're over here! :)

    Happy Birthday!

    God Bless.