Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I have never set my alarm to go shopping on this day but I did for today. I'm not much of a shopper and when I do shop it's after much penny-pinching. Woke at 5, got to Wal-Mart with my handy shopping list at 5:10, parked about 2 football fields away and was out in about 20 minutes. I couldn't believe the mobs of people crowded around certain areas, waiting for the pallets of merchandise! I no NOTHING about plasma tvs, or flat screens, etc. and I have no interest in buying one so I wouldn't have known if the prices were good or not. From the looks of the crowd, the sale prices were good.

I was after toddler jeans, kids pjs, rubbermaid containers, a new paper shredder, just regular stuff. I walked out with nothing because the lines were ridiculous for a $7. item. Came home, logged on and ordered the clothing items I needed. I was a little upset because the website was extremely slow, due to the heavy traffic I'm sure, so by the time I checked out, the toddler jeans I wanted for my grandson were sold out! I was brave enough to go back to the store at 10, and lo and behold! I found EVERYTHING I wanted, even the pj's I had just purchased were there. Since the store is open 24 hrs there was no way for the workers to set up the merchandise before 5, it was being taken out after the doors opened, that's why lots of the things I was looking fore were unavailable at 5, but they were there at 10...sadly not the jeans I wanted for my little grandson. Oh well, thank you Lord, for allowing me to be financially stable enough that I can buy items at regular price if I need them...but I was, I am, and will always be a penny pincher and will always look for the sale price!

After waking so early, I napped on and off between 3 and 5. Let's hope I am able to sleep tonight.

Pray for the Wal-mart worker who was trampled to death in NY as he was opening the doors to let the eager beavers in.

It's a BEAUTIFUL day in South TX, in the high 70's. How has your day been today?


  1. Wow--you were brave! I went a few years and have given it up. Not sure if anything will be worth that craziness again! :) lol

    Glad you were able to get most of your prizes!

  2. I thought about going to Walmart today but after the craziness at JC Penn decided never mind! It is so sad for those individuals that were hurt today and also the man that lost his life. That is so sad!

  3. that was sad about that Wal-mart incident; looks like you did great with getting what you needed! I didn't go out shopping, had to work which was fine since I'm doing a real simple Christmas this year

    come and visit my journal and leave just a brief comment in my entry on Frugal Friday/Black Friday and you will be entered into a drawing for a gift guard for Dairy Queen (even though you might not want to use it for yourself, it can be a gift, right?)


  4. The Wal Mart incident was horrible! No bargain is worth the life of a human. I woke up about 7:15am and got ready to go out (my first time ever on Black Friday) and was so tired around noon, I tried to nap but couldn;t sleep so finally just got up and did some work around the house. Hope you get a good sleep tonight. Linda in Washington

  5. We had rain all day yesterday. I shopped in two steps as well. Paul and I went out at 5 am and snatched up a few things, then I went back in the afternoon with Kim to grab clothing. It wasn't bad. We are waiting til after the holidays to look at Tv's when prices will be even lower than they are now.

  6. Hey Girl... are you in the Valley? I'm following your blog. =.)

  7. am following your journal now so wanted to say hi! glad you got what you were looking for at walmart, love walmart lol. hope you are having a good week. hugs

  8. TO WINIVERE,,,yes I am in the Magical Rio Grande Valley...are you close by??

    Hopping on over to your blog.

  9. Well, to you it is beautiful & magical but I am in the Valley of the Shadow of death. LOL