Friday, December 12, 2008

Down, but not out!

Wednesday morning I slipped on rainwater and broke my left ankle. In excruciating pain, somehow I managed to hobble up onto my right foot and hopped around my car until I got in my house, all the while praying to God that I not fall again. I managed to make some calls and a co-worker came for me, helped me dress loosely and drove me to the doctor's. I decided not to go to the emergency room because (1) I would probably wait for 6 hrs before being seen, and (2) they would take x-rays and tell me to go see my doctor or a specialist.

My doctor couldn't see anything, but said that didn't mean there wasn't anything there. He put a "boot" on me and sent me for an MRI. An appt. was made for me for Thursday morning with an ortho specialist. After a pain-wracked night I finally made it into the specialist's office yesterday morning. I have a 4" spiral fracture (which is why it didn't show on the x-ray). He put a fiberglass cast on it and sent me home with instructions to stay as immobile as I can for 4-6 wks!!! I go back next Friday to see if the healing has begun...if the bones have moved, then it's off to surgery.

I am doing what he says, have stayed as still as possible. But it's so darned hard to stay in one position! I am on the recliner, all the way back and foot propped up on pillows to get my ankle higher than my heart.

I got on here really quick because I had to make an online payment and decided to stop by here. Can't sit for more than 5 minutes on a hard chair, my leg starts to tingle and go numb. And learning to use crutches at 53 years of age and 200 lbs is a B**CH!!!! Thank God I don't have any stairs in my home!

See you guys later! Looking to borrow a laptop to use during my bed confinement.


  1. wow sorry to hear about your ankle. stay off it and rest! hope you have a good weekend. hugs

  2. oh that is awful! poor you!! hope you get some pain relief soon


  3. So sorry about your accident. Hope the healing has started and you can avoid surgery. 4-6 weeks is not that long, you have the rest of your life ahead to dance :o)

  4. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your fall and break! I wish I could loan you a laptop so you would have easier access. Bless your heart!

  5. Holy moly. I once had a broken foot(likely one of the little bones no bigee) the x-ray showed nothing. But my foot filled with so much blood it turned purple for about a month.

    I never bothered to get my MRI. Big mistake. To this day I have creaking sounds and pain in that foot. It's an everyday thing I've grown accustomed to.

  6. Ouchie! LOL... Who's your doctor? I may need to go see him. I think the one I had got her doctor degree at WalMart. ha ha
    PS... If you are just at home, plz get rid of that word verification thingee. It is a pill to go thru it because I have to cut & paste the letter d all the time. grrr

  7. Wow, so sorry to hear about your accident. I know a little about being home for six weeks, just had a hysterectomy, but at least I can move (somewhat).

    Love the website. Will check in more now that I have found it. Came here by way of Kelly's website.