Thursday, December 25, 2008

Time & Date??

Wow, just noticed that the post I just sent says 12/24/08, 9:43 p.m.!! Gotta work at this to see if I can fix that.


  1. I'm having the same problem, let me know if you get it figured out, LOL!

  2. Edit the post
    click post options
    change the date and/or time
    click Publish Post

    The date/time should now be changed on your entry. If you start a post at a certain time, don't post it and then return to it to finish it and then post it, the date/time is always the time you started it and not the time you actually posted it.

  3. Hey girl,
    Got your message re: school secretary. Yes, I am the school secretary/bookkeeper for an elementary school. I miss my friends and my kids, but not the boss or the parents! LOL

    Keep in touch!

  4. Hey Estela,

    How is your father doing?

    Want some more Rubbermaid tupperware?