Saturday, December 27, 2008

Update on my Daddy

My Daddy came home from the hospital on Christmas Day at about 2 pm. Tests show he had a mild heart attack, doc says probably from the severity of the vomiting. Daddy is 80, he had his first severe heart attack when he was 43 and has been on medication since 1971. Heart catherization in '88 showed severe blockage so docs agreed that he would have bypass ONLY if he suffered another heart attack because he was too high of a risk to operate on. Fast forward to 2006 and he had the dreaded attack but due to the passage of years and so much new technology, docs agreed to operate. His odds were greater but he came through with flying colors. His health has greatly improved since then! In fact, he does not show his age, people think he is 70 rather than 80. Doc said he suffered minimal damage with this mild heart attack and his meds will be increased slightly. Our concern now is that "spot" on his pancreas. God willing it is what the doc thinks and it is a treatable tumor. IF YOU PRAY, PLEASE KEEP HIM IN YOUR PRAYERS! He means the world to me and our family. He is our pillar we all lean on. He is a man of few words, but his words speak volumes!


  1. Estela,
    I will say a prayer. I'm glad he got to come home on Christmas Day. Good luck and keep us informed!!