Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well, it's 12:20 a.m., Christmas day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!! :-)

I have come to a self-realization - in prior years I always went through a mini-depression around this time. I always made plans to buy gifts during the year and somehow only got around to doing it twice, many years ago. So I would usually buy gifts between the 10th & the 23rd, browsing, shopping, thinking, wondering which would be the "perfect" gift. The traffic is horrible, the people are rude, the stores are a mess...all leading up to my feelings of sadness; too much commercialism, everyone forgetting the reason for the season, sadly, me included at times.

This year I have been laid up with my broken ankle since the 10th. Even though I am able to get around a little better I have refused to go anywhere except the doctor, the hospital to see my Dad on Sunday and to the dentist yesterday. So not going out in the crowds has been Heaven-Sent to me!! Don't get me wrong, it's not the money because I always budget wisely and I can afford gifts. What I did was order tamales (Mexican specialty, especially during Christmas) for my siblings. I had already purchased gifts for 4 little ones in my family (they are the only children under 12, everyone else is 20 and up), so I had my daughter wrap and deliver those today.

My Dad is still in the hospital. It started with severe vomiting for 4 days which he ignored until he wound up in the emergency room with a very high fever on Sunday. Diagnosis...stone in his pancreas causing a blood infection! The stone was removed today through an endoscopy but the gastro doc saw a "spot" on the pancras that he is concerned about. Took a biopsy and we will know next week, says it could just be that the pancreas in enlarged or it could be a tumor that he has seen before and he can take care of. Please keep my Daddy in your prayers, he will be 81 in about 7 wks and is a heart patient. God Willing, he may come home tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!


  1. I am so sorry! I think I can relate. My sister just had foot surgery. She feel before the week was up and now she also has a broken ankle!
    Hope your Christmas is wonderful and restful and that you Dad has a speedy recovery!

  2. You know I wonder if it is the Season or the Season that causes the mini-depression, lol? I go thru the same thing. I think its the grey weather in my case. I am one that lives for sunshine and blue skies. That is why I could never live in AK. I would not be able to handle their seasonal dark times. Oh no way siree! Sorry to hear you are still having trouble with that ankle, and hope your dad gets on the mend soon too. I will say a prayer for you both this morning that God will rain blessings your way. Hang in there, we will make it!

  3. Merry Christmas. I am glad that your getting along on your ankle and taking it easy. It does have the added benefit of making your miss the terrible crowds. I will add your dad to my prayers. Hope you both do better.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and hoping your Dad makes it home soon.

  5. Merry Christmas! I think you were wise to think this through this year; sometimes God gets our attention in ways like this to really stop and remember the reason for this very important season!! perhaps it will carry you through next year and help you not get depressed about the season then :)


  6. i hope your dad gets out of the hospital soon! i hope ur having a good christmas. hugs

  7. Sending prayers for you and your Dad. Hope you had a great Christmas. I am usually depressed around this time of year as well. Have to say, its not as bad this year, but I think its because I haven't been working and I am not over stressed.