Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hello again

Has it really been almost a month since I last posted? Back then, I honestly feel I was close to a nervous breakdown from so much pressure at work/inner pressure I bring on myself. I honestly feel I may be ADHD, I certainly have OCD to some extent. In the 19 yrs I've worked at my school, I have acquired more and more duties. Some I've brought on myself. Let me explain...I kind of live out of town and have to drive in to town to get to work, so anytime there are errands to run, or breakfast to pick up for meetings, I kind of offered myself to run those errands. It got to where I was pressuring myself to have to leave much earlier to run those errands AND get to work on time. That is just ONE of the things that had started to become kind of the needle that broke the camels back (is that the way the saying goes??). I was being made to serve as receptionist at work, along with all my duties as main secretary, and my work was being left undone by spending so much time away from my desk.

I finally cried "ENOUGH!" on Oct 16, took 6 work days and 2 weekend off and when I returned on the 27th things were different. Some physical changes took place in the office and I now have an office all to myself, but the most important change is that the clerk who shared an office with me was moved out with the receptionist and they share the front window and phone duties. I now work 8-5, rather than 8-6:30 (and I was working with NO overtime pay!), I come home feeling relaxed, and most importantly, my work is getting done ON TIME!!

Another wonderful thing has come out of all this...I actually sleep now!! I used to lie awake until 3 am, would sleep 2 hrs, then would wake at 5 am, worried about everything I could think about! Believe it or not, I now usually asleep by 10:30 and with no "happy pills" (Xanax or OTC sleep aids). I actually get a good night's rest and wake refreshed and ready to go!

I have to get back into the journaling. I usually spend the holidays kind of depressed, don't ask me why, I guess just too much commercialization. I enjoy the lights and the weather, but somehow I am depressed. My mood usually lifts at the beginning of the year.

My weight is still the same...219 as of last week. I've been back and forth to the doctor for several different issues, will go into that in another post.

Thanks to my 2 (TWO!) fellow bloggers who follow my blog, and I think one is about to deliver a baby, if she hasn't by now. If you're reading this, maybe you can invite some of your readers to stop by my blog, would love to meet new online friends.


  1. Hi Estela,

    I'm SO glad that things are so much better for you at work!! I hope that will help you spirits over the holidays, too!!

  2. Hi Estela, Joann invited me to check out this journal. I've got a blog on my weight loss journey if you'd like to visit. Check out my profile it will list my two blogs.

    Glad your work environment has improved and you are getting rest. God Bless!

  3. Hi Estela. The term is the "straw" that broke the camels back as they used to carry straw in baskets over their backs.

    Glad you stood up for youself and that they took action. Good for you :o)

  4. hi there! came by to invite you over to my place. i am an overweight 'sister'. :)
    happy your work is better, don't let the holidays get you down.

  5. Stopping by via Joann's blog. I'm glad that your work situation has improved! That can make a huge difference.

    All my best,

  6. Whoo're up to 5's hard to get a following! :) My baby is here and wanting to eat so this will be short but I'm slowly getting back into the blogging/commenting thing so will be here more often!


  7. hi Estela; I came over here by way of Joann; so glad your work situation improved; those were long hours to work without being compensated for it

    I think holidays are a time of sadness for a lot of people and them feeling down; a lot expected out of them, the perfect tree, perfect gift, perfect family, etc. I think if you just stop and remember what each holiday really is for that we are celebrating and enjoy that rather than all the preparations prior to it and making it simpler, it might help not get so down about them (just my thoughts)

    I'll be back :)


  8. Hello Estela, I'm one of Joanns followers also.. She invited us over. I used to be one who voluntarily took on extra duties to help out until I lost sleep and got nuts. Then I saw that others who just stuck to their assinged tasks and only occasionally volunteered when convenient were happier. So I also got control of my time and my life.

    Nice to meet you DB Vagabond Journeys

  9. Hi Estela, came from Joann's Blog. I totally understand the stress you were feeling at work. I was in the same situation and was close to retirement age to retired almost a year early because I couldn't take it. I had a very un-cooperative supervisor, so I knew there was no hope of things changing. Hopefully you'll have some good days off over the holidays. Come see me sometime. I have two blogs & will soon tell of meeting Joann in person when I was in southern California. You can find my travel blog at;