Saturday, August 16, 2008

Getting back into the hang of journaling

Wow, August 16th, 10 days before my birthday...53, where have the years gone?...

So much has happened this summer, I was rear-ended on June 4th by a 15 year old little girl, she was drunk at 7 a.m., probably out all night.  Had to get an attorney because her insurance didn't want to accept liability, but they finally did.  The fight is on.

I am an elementary school secretary and we're in the process of getting ready for classes to begin on 08/25, out staff returns day after tomorrow, on the 18th.  Long hours await me, registering and keying in new students.  Unfortunately, I get no overtime pay, but I am compensated with comp time as needed.

Still struggling with my weight.  225 as of last week.  I'm glad we're back on regular schedule in 2 days, will be able to follow a regular meal schedule.  I am determined that I WILL start exercising again on Monday.  Monday, why do we always wait until the infamous "Monday"

So much to say, so many thoughts wandering around in my head.  Will write more as I think.


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  1. Finally, I get an entry alert from you!!! LOL!!  WOO HOO!!!!  Nice to read about you, thanks for visiting my journal, I enjoy your comments.  I was reading your sidebar, we have some things in common... I'm a single parent too, and work for the local school district.  I'm sorry you got rear-ended, hope that's all resolved very soon.