Sunday, August 24, 2008


Okay, so I live in South TX and we have been in a severe drought for yrs.  So what happens lately?...we've had more than our share of rain in the last MONTH!! Since Hurricane Dolly came by on 07/23 it seems that it's been raining at least twice a week!  Our yards are soaked, can't absorb any more water, there are poor areas "colonias" in Spanish that are still flooded in from the hurricane, people are displaced, everyone, including me, have been pitching in to scrape up what we can to help those in most need.

I got 2 comforters, pillows, linens, children's clothing, my clothes, then I bought a bunch of things from the dollar zone, shampoo, hand soap, dish soap, bleach, etc, to send to a needy family.  I wish I could help everyone, but I will do my share by helping at least one family.

Now it's Florida's turn, poor people, so much rain.  Water creates so much damage! 

I scanned a picture of me and sized it to 1.5" and the picture on the side bar is the result.  Can anyone help?  I'm not too computer literate, but I'm not illiterate either.

Have a wonderful day, I think I have to go cut some grass on my 1 acre lot.  Push mower, good exercise!


  1. NO clue how to help you on that. I have seen others with theirs like that....I just kept making mine tinier and tinier until it fit.

    I hope you start to dry out soon!  


  2. Don't know how to resize, but you took a great pic!!  You're doing GREAT on the exercise... LOL!!


  3. Hi Estela, thanks for dropping by my blog.  Wish I could help you with the picture reformatting.... but I turn to my kids for their help on that :)  I am so thrilled to meet someone who spells their name the same as I do.   I thought I was the only one!   :)   Estela in Alabama