Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So much for the "getting back to regular meals routine" this week.  I've been working 8am-8pm, going to mandatory boring meetings, and just snacking on bitesize chocolates (and I don't even care much for it, but it's there!), all out of extreme tiredness (is that even a word!!?) 

I'm almost done with everything I have to do for the first day of school which is Monday, the 25th, will probably finish by Thursday, then Friday will be clean up day.  Literally, clean up, the office, hide everything in the closets, and just make the office presentable.

It poured all day yesterday and we have some sort of plumbing problem in a below ground level room that we have in our campus.  Can you believe sewer water leaks in there?!?!? YUCK! The smell was all over the grounds today!  I can't imagine being a parent and walking in on Monday, bright and early, to the smell of poop!  Hope they fix it soon!

I haven't seen my long distance boyfriend in several weeks, and now with school opening won't see him this weekend for sure.  Gonna take a 3 day trip to New Mexico on Sept 2-5 to see my nephew graduate from the Border Patrol Academy, so I guess the boyfriend will have to wait till after that.

Ho-hum, such a boring, tiring day.  Let's hope for more excitement tomorrow.



  1. Thanks so much for the comment in my journal. :)  

    The plumbing problem does not sound like a good thing...ick! :)  Hope it gets fixed soon!


  2. Sure hope that plumbing problem is fixed before school starts.... YUCK!!!  LOL!!!