Saturday, August 23, 2008


I'm in shock!  My boyfriend (lives in San Antonio, 250 miles from me) informed me today that he has been let go from his job.  He has been there for 10 yrs!! RIF they called it, down-sizing, reduction in force...whatever, he is being laid off.  A few others were let go too, so he's not the only one.  The wonderful thing is that he is okay with it, they did what they had to do he says...but he is 57 yrs old, after all.  He comes with lots of computer experience, and he says he is not worried, but not very many people want to hire someone our age.  I will keep him in my prayers.  If you pray, pray for him, the he soon finds a job.  San Antonio is huge, so I'm staying optimistic.

I found a picture of my wrecked car, the one where the 15 y.o. drunk girl rear-ended me.  Here it is.

She hit me with a double cab dodge pick up.  Totally tore up my gas saver '99 Chevy Metro.  With the gas prices, I so wish I had it back.  Still fighting her insurance company.  If they only wanted to pay me 1/2 of what my car is valued at, can you just imagine what they are going to want to pay for my bodily injury?  A measly few dollars, I'm sure.  But I've got more time than money, and I will continue the fight!

My daily diet has been horrible!  No exercise, lots of pecan cookies, cokes, bite size chocolate candies.  Monday, it's back to the drawing board.

Monday, always Monday...



  1. Sorry that your boyfriend got riffed, I will say prayers that he finds something soon.  I hope you get a new car from that insurance co.


  2. So sorry to hear about your BF and your car!  Maybe he can find a job by you.. :)  lol

    Hope the insurance company cooperates and gets you the money they deserve....It's so ridiculous that we pay this money to have insurance and then have to fight so hard to get payment when we need it!

    God Bless