Sunday, January 4, 2009

10 Interesting Facts

I was tagged to do a post of 10 interesting things about myself tonight so let's see what interesting things I can think about myself. Damn, I tried adding a link but I haven't learned! did this and asks that I pass this on.

1. I am the middle of 5 siblings, brother, sister, ME, brother, brother. Everyone was born in TX and I was the only one born in Ohio. My parents celebrated 58 years of marriage June 2008.

2. My first temporary job lasted 3 days. I was an interpreter for a photographer at a local discount store. I couldn't find a permanent job when I graduated because I was only 17 and everyone wanted me to be 18!!

3. I am a VERY loyal employee -- I worked at my first permanent job for 4 yrs and at my present job for 32 years! OH MY!!

4. I was the baby of the family for 8 yrs until my younger brother was born. I was spoiled rotten!

5. I married a man who had been in love with my best friend when we were in high school. (He should have married her and made her miserable!) We were together 3 yrs and the marriage lasted 4 yrs.

6. I never let the ex forget that he left 2 innocent children behind, kept after him for child support. He was last in jail in 2006, when my children were already 24 & 26. To this date I am owed over $130,000!!

7. I lived in a mobile home for 22 yrs, then built a 3 bedroom brick home for $30K. Paid off the loan in 5 yrs! When I moved into my new home I donated my mobile home to a friend's church.

8. I may look like your local librarian, but I mingled with over 20,000 bikers at the Annual Bike Fest in South Padre Island in 2002. Broke my right wrist from a motorcycle fall. OUCH, but what fun I had!!

9. I broke my left ankle on 12/10 when I slipped on rain water while trying to retrieve my newspaper. Just now starting to feel better.

10. My "boyfriend" and I met through in 2003, still together. We live 250 miles apart, see each other every 2 or 3 wks. The weekends when we don't see eacher other, I play Scrabble with my 79 year old mother on Saturday nights.



  1. Good to get to 'know' you, Estella! Interesting 'facts' about you and your life.

  2. A biker? LOL, nope did not see that one coming. Great post!

  3. Nice! Really interesting. #2... I assume that the interpreting was because you are bilingual?

    You have a kind heart. It shows who you are that you donated the mobile home when you were able to take the next step. Wow!

  4. Yep, fluent English and Spanish, but as we lovingly call it "Tex-Mex" or "Spanglish", because I go back and forth, using both languages at once,sticking in Spanish words while speaking English and vice-versa, just adds to the flavor of what I'm saying :-)


  5. Very cool that you donated the mobile home :)

    Also, scrabble? Awesome. I've been playing it all the time lately

  6. three cheers for!
    so many of my friends have gotten married through them as well.

  7. Love hearing more about you! :)

  8. Glad I got to learn a bit about you too! I think you and I have a kinship with being school secretary's etc...I loved your comment about the budget in your comment to me. Isn't that amazing! I don't think mine has a clue how much money we have! Nice to have a "comrad in arms" so to speak!!

    I like learning more about the people we are blogging with!