Saturday, January 10, 2009


This is what I am presently wearing:
Not sure when this is coming off, but at least it keeps my healing ankle stabilized and I have started to put a little weight on it as I walk around in my crutches. I feel okay during the day but then I realize that I usually overdo it during the day...when I'm hurting at night!

Next specialist appt on the 19th, we shall see what's up.

And this is what I am longing to wear: I can hardly wait for the summer to head back out to the surfside in Corpus Christi, kick back, relax under a huge umbrella, good book in one hand, cold one in the other. Aaaaaaah, that is the life!


  1. Awwh, how fashionable. I imagine that's a boot you would gladly not have to make a fashion statement with!! I hope your ankle is healing well.

    Thanks for the picture of the beach. I have already scheduled our summer vacation at Orange Beach (AL) this year!

    Keep me updated on what the specialist says!

  2. Ouch! Hope the bootie stabilizes your ankle and you feel better real soon. No time for injuries in this game, eh?

  3. We are looking forward to our next vacation, our timeshare in Florida, right on the beach. We do a lot of book and cold beveraging as well :o)

  4. I've got a couple pairs of those boots! I got a new one each time I broke my foot! LOL

    Take of yourself!

  5. I just got really jealous (not of the sexy bootie) but of the thought of a beach. Even during the brief (roasting hot like hell) summer I am not able to hop down to the beach! If I did drive to the coast it would be less than tropical and tranquil. I really really wonder how I ended up hear from splitting the first half of my life living on the water in Florida and near the beach in SoCal....

  6. Awww!!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!