Thursday, January 1, 2009


Thank you EVERYONE for your input!

I gave it some thought and realized I really can't do anything about the days that I will be out. If I am out 20 days, then 20 days will be sent in to payroll. Trying to make any changes in # of days absent can get complicated, especially because I am applying for disability. The disability company wants to know first day out and date of return.

BUT...I am going to request 5 days of comp time for when I go back. I will use those days as needed. If the school year ends and I have not used them, then I will carry them over to next year.

I have tried cross training one of the clerks, but she kind of rebels. She's like, "no no, I will just wait till you come back. It's too much work".

CJ, you know it's almost impossible to get someone to learn EVERY LITTLE THING we do to keep the school running. Plus, I could try to train her, but when you don't do the job on a daily basis, you tend to forget, which is what would probably happen to the clerk.

I just thank Almighty God that I love my job and the people I work with, because if I didn't I would NOT be worried about the job getting done and then all hell would break loose!

Estela in South TX


  1. Yes, I surely know what you are talking about. The days I went in and did work, I am just going to get comp days for. My problem with out principal is getting them from her, but I have some back I WILL get them! LOL I can so understand trying to train someone. I trained one of the aids to do two of the things I do because they had to be done daily/weekly, but she called me EVERY SINGLE day...Which honestly wasn't a problem, but I wrote down step by step instructions...I have everything color-coded (seriously). I just don't understand. My problem is if I am going to be held accountable for the job, then let me be the one to make the mistakes....Sorry this went on so long, but I so understand. Girl, do what you can to keep your job and maintain your health and peace of mind! Everything else....don't worry about! (Yeah--right!, huh) Keep me informed, girl!

  2. Stupid girl! I'd do anything to have a mentor who is willing to train me. She must be a Valley girl or something! ha ha ha ha